The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Master Sword Edition Preview

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Chances are, if a big game is coming out, you can almost expect a collector’s edition to follow. And that was no exception with the release of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch. Offered in two different version, the Special Edition for roughly $132AU ($99USD) and the Master Sword Edition for $170AU ($129.99USD). While there may be just a slight difference in price, they’re actually quite different visually from the outside and packaging. The Special Edition offers everything the Master Sword Edition does save for the Master Sword replica itself. So we’ll go over the big one today.

Check out the sideshow to see what’s inside! And watch our Show Off video above for another look.



The Master Sword Edition really makes itself stand apart from the Special version by way of a larger more ornate box. All black with spot gloss design and embossed gold logos, it’s a much more subtle yet stylish design over the illustrative one of the Special edition that matches the game cover.

Even the internal packaging comes with a light blue cardboard insert with embossed Sheikah designs all around it. Stuff like this you would never imagine anyone else doing. It holds the collectible double sided coin that has the Eye of the Sheikah, the game, the soundtrack Sound Selections that contains a whopping 24 tracks (though in small bites), and a beautifully sturdy double sided map, printed on some really thick parchment like paper. It feels like the kind of maps you see in pirate of treasure hunting films which is really great.

We can’t forget the cool carrying case that’s in the style of the Sheikah Slate front and back, made of soft PVC with recessed printing to give it a more detailed 3D look. It’s clearly the only carrying case you’ll ever want to lug your Nintendo Switch in (and currently selling for $70-80+ on eBay).

All that comes with the Special edition as well. The extra bit where the money comes in, is in the replica of the Master Sword of Resurrection. Standing at around 8″ inches tall, it sits firmly on a heavy polystone resin base, while the sword and flower a PVC material (the flower being soft). The paint job on it is pretty good for the size and item. The Master Sword looks proper damaged and weathered much like the map. It makes for a great centerpiece if you’re building a Legend of Zelda collection (it’s at the center of mine). This piece alone goes for roughly the same if not just a bit more on it’s own for what the whole package costs.

Nintendo really meant it when they said it would be very limited as there’s no signs of there being anymore released out in the wild after it’s initial launch.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Zelda, you’re mostly playing with one of these already or kicking the wall for missing out. Some people are usually not into collecting extra tchotkies for games, but I’m not one of them!

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