Why Battle Mode is reason alone to rebuy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

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With every release of a new console comes the worry of lack of new games to play. Companies love to play it safe and tend to rerelease games from previous systems with updated graphics in an attempt to fill that void. Often times it’s not a bad thing. Many new players get a chance to play a game series that has been out of play for a decade. Bringing the nostalgia back for many original gamers as well. But lately it’s been much of the same games that were released a year prior being repackaged again because of an easy port. And that can be frustrating to any early adopter.

That’s how I felt when I originally found out Mario Kart 8 was going to be ported over to the Switch. The way things go these days we almost all knew it would happen. Hell, I was surprised they actually announced a Splatoon 2 (why wasn’t it branded Spla2oon?!?) instead of a rerelease of the first one. My initial reaction was, NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE. I have Mario Kart 7 on my Nintendo 3DS I don’t need 8 again so soon. Hell I rarely played it much after the first couple of months. And don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing game worth all it’s praise. But when you have a pretty lame online multiplayer friend system with no voice chat, things get old fast when you’re trying to coordinate over Skype or text.

So I had written it off. I said I’m skipping the ports (maybe get Skyrim because who doesn’t want Skyrim on the go) and I would just wait for Splatoon 2 and anything else that is meant to come out by E3. That is until today, when they elaborated on their Battle Mode.

Battle Mode is a feature that was sorely missed from the original release. We all cried whhhhhy Nintendo?? This was one if not they favorite part of our gaming experience growing up with the Nintendo64. And Battle Mode is the reason why I’m interested once again in repurchasing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. But let’s list ALL the reasons why you should pick it up (again).

  • Will include all original tracks and DLC items – content and characters plus the Splatoon Squid Kids (could there be some Splatoon race maps too?)
  • Can now hold up to 2 items at once
  • Returning items include a Boo that makes you invisible to attack and steals an item
  • The Feather returns only to Battle Mode which allows you to hop out of the way and steal a balloon from your opponent if you’re lucky enough
  • Steering Assist added to help people who just aren’t good enough
  • You can now brake through a drift
  • More costumes with amiibo support

New Battle Mode modes

  • Classic Balloon Battle returns
  • Renegade Roundup – play as the law or renegade as you’re on teams chasing the others essentially Team DM
  • Bob-omb Blast! – Battle only with bombs of course (Rockets only?)
  • Coin Runners – gain the most coins to win and avoid the others from stealing from you
  • Shine Thief – basically Odd Ball/King of the Hill with a Shine Star
  • All new Battle Maps (including some from Splatoon)
  • Battle Mode online!

That’s a pretty hefty amount of stuff added to an already stuffed game. If Nintendo would only pump out more map packs for the foreseeable future I would be totally fine with that as this game is the pinnacle of the series as it is. But even then, with the added ability to play this game on the go or at home with friends locally or online, it is the perfect addition to the Nintendo Switch and why you shouldn’t own a Switch without it.

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