Flipping Death from Zoink Games looks Flipping Cool

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As one of the many awesome games showcased on yesterday’s Nintendo Direct that focused on indie games, Flipping Death immediately stood out to us with it’s unique style we’ve all come to love from Zoink Games. More commonly known for their stellar work on Stick it to the Man! and the fun multiplayer game Zombie Vikings, Flipping Death carries on the same grim but comedic style that has become a staple in their games. Check out the trailer above to get a better look.

In it, you play as Penny, a girl that looks like she pretty much died and is now working as a Grim Reaper who has to help ghosts on the Otherside move on by completing tasks in the land of the living by possessing, platforming and puzzling your way through the game. It definitely seems to be going back to how Stick it to the Man worked which was a fun adventure. No specific release date yet, only that it’s stated come come out later this year. Hopefully not too late, cause we’re already jonesing to play it!

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