Nintendo Famicom Mini releasing in Japan

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So this completely slipped our mind but apparently Japan was getting their own NES Mini in the form of the actual Famicom. Same deal as before, packed with 30 games and albeit with some substitions like River City Ransom and Final Fantasy 3 to name a few.

Notable differences in the mini console is that it comes with TWO controllers BUT the can’t be removed. So this particular console is not as great as the western NES Classic model where you could at least extend the extremely short controller cables. And you could easily purchase (well depending on where you live) some extra controllers that will also work as a Classic Controller for your Wii and Wii U.

the system itself looks just as cute as the original, but the controllers are also miniaturized to be able to sit within the console. That might be a bit of a caveat to players who might be over the age of 9, but it’s what you would have to tolerate if you’re interested in owning this piece of hardware.

That said, you don’t REALLY need to have this if you’re already a Emulating master, or have the console yourself. The argument is still that it’s a product made for those who want minimum fuss with their classic gaming and who can blame them? I love this little thing. I keep it at work plugged into my my computer monitor (it also comes with an HDMI cable and USB charger cable) to game on breaks. So there’s definitely places for this.

What do you think of the Famicom Mini? Are you interested in owning one as well? Let us know in the comments or tweet at me @uGOT2GAME

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