E3 2016: Teltale Games releases new info on upcoming Batman series

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In an effort to avoid any more leakage prior to E3, Telltale Games have released a small press brief on their upcoming Batman – A Telltale Series game. Dropping us a few stills from the game, CEO and Co-founder Kevin Bruner of Telltale stated that the world of Batman and Gotham would be like a “living, breathing comic book.”


The game itself also sports an all-star voice cast featuring Troy Baker as Batman/Bruce Wayne himself, Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham of Critical Role fame as Catwoman and Tw0-Face respectively, as well as Murphy Guyer as Lt. James Gordon, and Richard McGonagle (!!! Uncharted’s Sully) as Carmine Falcone.


More cast and characters will be added to the game as the season will progress. If you’re familiar with Telltale Games, you’ll know that they typically have been releasing episodic games, which have worked out well for them since the major success of The Walking Dead season 1 (Jurassic Park, Sam & Max and Back to the Future came prior but did not meet the same level of success as TWD). Subsequently, their following projects have all been on point, on both the sides of story and art style. Standout hits like Fables The Wolf Among Us, Minecraft Story Mode and Game of Thrones have all done very well that many other developers have started to take the season/episodic approach to their games.


Hopefully we’ll find out more on the new Batman series as the show progresses this week from Los Angeles Ca at E3.

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