Ronin Boba Fett Action Figure is awesome

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Bandai is quickly becoming one of the best toy collectible producers on the market. Not only are they reasonably priced against many other high end toy designers but the quality is on point. You don’t have to look any further than their Tamashi Nations Star Wars Movie Realization line of figures. Originally started with Darth Vader followed by his Stormtroopers, the third release in the line is Ronin Boba Fett. Check out the slideshow below to see what I mean.

Clearly modeled after a samurai ronin warrior and a mix of steampunk, one can see from his blaster, jetpack and even antenna/aiming reticule are stylized in that manner. The details on his are nothing short of amazing. Vader and the Troopers were pretty monotone in color palette but Fett is the first to have full color and it’s well done. While the green is a bit brighter than his normal hue, I can only imagine it’s to match that of the color of jade, which was a popular commodity in Asia (or still is really). But the “distressed” look with the painting job throughout his armor well done like a 5 star steak.

He comes with an assortment of hands to switch out, so he can hold his short katana sword, blaster rifle, and a mix of throwing knives which can also be attached to his shin guards. He’s adorned with his trademark wookie braids and cape which are made of flexible plastic, and while he doesn’t seem as poseable as Vader, he’s still pretty much the same basic figure.

Ronin Boba Fett is the perfect figure for those who are big fans of Japanese culture and Star Wars like myself, and this line continues to amaze me. Following Boba will be a Sandtrooper and a Royal Guard as well. There is also word that they will be developing a full sized katana “lightsaber” which will be pretty awesome too.

Boba Fett should be shipping now from Japan and soon from any of your local distributors. He’s priced at around $60-100 depending on where you order from so be sure to shop around first.

What do you think of a stylized version of Boba Fett? Win or Fail? Let us know in the comments!

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