Jonathan Blow’s The Witness finally has a release date

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And it’s January 26th 2016. That’s all folks!


Haha! Actually there’s more to it then that. Blow stated that the game ended up growing exponentially, adding more depth and assets to the overall experience. More puzzles, textures, models, and all sorts of great things were expanded upon, creating a richer deeper game. He mentioned that now you have the ability to spend more time with the game to complete it, saying you get what you put in it. So for those completionists out there, you have a hefty game on your hands come next year January.

When also asked why this was a PS4 timed exclusive, it all came down to the fact that Sony had freely given developers the specs on their hardware (back when it was still unreleased) in order to help them better understand the framework. Blow stated that he went to Microsoft asking for the same thing and was told there was nothing of the sort.

Eventually The Witness will come out to PC and most likely Xbox One, but for now Playstation 4 owners will be in for an early treat.

We here at GOT2GAME are excited to find out more on The Witness once we get our hands on it.



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