Live Action Attack on Titan film trailer is here!

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We heard rumblings a while back that the Japanese film industry was planning on creating a live action film based on the hit manga and anime series, Attack on Titan and our first trailer is here courtesy of IGN!

There was very little shown about the production of this film outside of some prosthetic images and a few looks at the Titans. After watching it in full, you can clearly see how much of the emotion is left out when comparing it to the anime. But hey in cartoons you tend to overact to overwhelming situations, and in this live action case, it doesn’t seem like they’re acting overwhelmed enough. Either way the titans look incredibly frightening and the sense of scale is definitely achieved.

We also get to see the main cast of characters, although some are more recognizable than others. For one, it seems to be sticking with an all Asian look, so I couldn’t tell who Armin was in the trailer until the credits, but Mikasa did have a pretty spot on actress for her. It’s Eren I was worried about not being able to react enough but there were some moments where he really did let all out.

Full cast of Attack on Titan film

Full cast of Attack on Titan film

Of course this isn’t ILM or Digital Domain working on the effects, and so we still get a bit of that not quite there vibe. You see that especially in the parts where they are ziplining across the screen attacking the napes of the Titan drones.

Still I personally am very interested in seeing the film and how it compares to the books and show. What do you think of the film now that we have a full trailer? Excited or devasted? Let us know!

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